Time for a Deeper Approach?

Is this you? “I’m so tired of suffering with ________ (chronic pain, headaches, asthma, constipation, numbness/tingling, anxiety, depression, low energy…).

Do you really want more treatment that will only mask the symptoms? Or are you ready to do the work to uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms, correct them, and get back to truly living life well?

What if there was a way to restore and nurture your body’s innate ability to heal itself?  You could heal current health issues AND set yourself up for a healthier future.

Our office is a holistic, family-centred office.  We focus our patients, young and old, on the fundamentals of a natural, proactively healthy life and then help them to consistently execute those fundamentals.

The two pillars of natural health are, first, a healthy, clear-functioning nervous system and second, natural, unprocessed, body-building food.

Chiropractic adjustments restore clear communication between your brain and body and allow the foreman of the job site (brain) to optimally coordinate how the workers (cells) use the building materials (food) to repair and maintain (heal) the entire structure.

The routine stresses and low-quality food of the modern life destroy health progressively, like death from a thousand paper cuts.  Embracing a lifestyle that resists this progressive decay is essential for longevity, productivity, activity and overall health and happiness.  Teaching children to adopt such a lifestyle EARLY is essential to living life well.

To better understand HOW we accomplish all of that, please read the following articles and see the success stories of people just like you.

Interference and The Nervous System (article)

The Cervical Curve and Health (article)

Success Stories (videos)

Life U (videos on healthy living)

Below is a description of what to expect during your first visit in our office. When you’re ready to schedule your first appointment, click on the Schedule My First Appointment Now button in the right side menu.

Your First Visit:

The first part of your New Patient Exam visit involves us giving and gathering some important information. We believe an informed patient gets better faster, so we will include a focused explanation of how your first visit will go and what to expect during your exam.

We will review your history and perform an exam with a series of specialized tests that include posture, weight distribution, balance and coordination, and nerve control.

A thorough exam that checks the entire spine and nervous system is the critical foundation of our care. You aren’t just a bunch of parts or a couple of symptoms – all of your systems and parts are supposed to work in harmony and when they’re not, your body may tell you about the problem with certain symptoms.

Your exam finishes with Dr. Colin assessing the movement and position of your spine with a complete range of motion and palpation exam which helps to determine which (if any) x-ray views he will need to see.

And just so you know, all of the testing in our office is meant to be painless. If you’re in crisis we’ll do all that we can to minimize your discomfort while still gathering the information we need to help you get healing.

Finally, Dr. Colin will study all of your exam results, including any x-rays taken and assemble a plan of care to help you get well as fast as possible and stay healthy as long as possible.

Your Second Visit:

The first part of this visit is focused on increasing your understanding of your own body and empower you to maximize health and healing in the future.

Dr. Colin will then review your x-rays with you individually, answer any questions you have, and detail his recommendations for you. We want you to understand the cause of your health problems and be able to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed.

We don’t believe in surprising you or hard selling you. We’ll definitely take the time to make sure you clearly understand our recommendations and care before you proceed.

Regular Visits:

We value your time – so we have arranged things in our office to make it easy for you to get your adjustments. Regular chiropractic adjustments, themselves, take only a few minutes but the healing happens in the time between your adjustments. Our great passion is helping our patient families to live life well by expressing their full innate potential.

Finally, we want you to know how much we love serving the people who come here. We work hard to ensure your comfortable in our office – we welcome any question, at any time.

We’re located in the heart of Marda Loop at 2110A – 33 Avenue SW. There’s ample parking in the lot and on the streets around us and we’re in the same mall as Mac’s and Merchants Restaurant.

Cindy will greet you when you enter our office. Before you come to the office, though, you must complete the Adult and/or Child Intake Form(s). By completing these forms before you arrive, you’ll give us all the important information we’ll need to begin helping you.

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