Time to Rethink Biases About Chiropractors: NY Times

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2017: This is It

Chiropractic has been repeatedly shown to be safe and effective care for low back pain.

Despite this, many physicians are leery about referring patients to Chiropractors out of fears that the care may do more damage than help, may cost a patient more than non-prescription drugs and may actually cause serious injuries or even death.

Unfortunately, these fears are unfounded and thousand upon thousands of patients suffer needlessly with lower back pain because they aren’t properly cared for within the allopathic field or they aren’t referred to Chiropractors for the above reasons.

Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability and missed work in North America. At any given time 8-10% of the adult population is dealing with lower back pain. And 80% of adults will experience at least one episode of serious back pain during their lifetime.

Drug-based symptom relief-type care can create other problems like digestive issues, and in the case of opioid pain relievers, addiction. And surgery for lower back pain fails to provide relief almost 50% of the time. Back surgery fails so often there is a term for it: Failed Low Back Surgery Syndrome.

The NY Times however, offers hope. It’s time to rethink the biases against Chiropratic, says the author.

Chiropractic care regularly reports the highest patient satisfaction scores.

It’s safer than any drug available.

And because Chiropractors are often the only health professional focused on correcting the underlying CAUSE of lower back pain (rather than simply treat the symptoms) low back pain patients will go to a Chiropractor IN SPITE of their doctors concerns.

The most recent research shows Chiropractic to be the best, first choice for those suffering with lower back pain.

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