Dr. Colin

I’m Dr. Colin Henderson and I love to pursue my passions full out.  My wife and I are raising four children together and I love every (OK, almost every) chaotic minute of it. I’ve studied and work very hard to give my family every health advantage available and I love sharing that with other families in my community.

We are blessed to be a Top Rated Calgary Chiropractor and have been witness to thousands of amazing success stories and miracles of healing. We believe we can help every member of your family be healthier this year and beyond.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here on our website you can always call for a free in-office consultation with Dr. Colin.  As an office our first goal is to understand where you’re coming from and what your needs are.  A conversation about you is a great starting point. How much better could your life be with corrective chiropractic care? Call now to find out.

Cindy Hudkins, Chiropractic Office Assistant

Cindy can help you. She has seen Southwest Calgary Chiropractors since she was very young and is enjoying healthy, active years that include being a grandma. Cindy understands you may not be as certain as she is about Chiropractic and is great at helping uncertain patients take it one step at a time in our office.  She’ll most likely be the first voice you hear when you call our office and you can bet she’ll be excited to help you.

Cindy is the Mom to two adult boys and she’s very proud of them (just ask her). She has a great can-do attitude and begins every work day with a smile.

Leah Litwack, Chiropractic Office Assistant

Leah is a formally trained dancer and acrobat and was drawn to Marda Loop Family Chiropractic because of an ongoing fascination with the workings of the human body and what it takes to keep it healthy and performing at a high level. After moving back to Calgary, Leah knew she wanted to work for a local chiropractor focused on pediatric chiropractic.

Leah has great energy and loves seeing new patients begin their healing journey.  She will guide you through the exam and consultation process and make sure your concerns are fully understood before we begin helping you.

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