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About Us

Live Life Well Chiropractic exteriorDr. Colin Henderson obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic qualification at Logan University in December 1996. Afterward, he began looking for a place where he could open up his own office. The decision to relocate to our community was based on the fantastic outdoor lifestyle we enjoy. Skiing, mountain biking, hiking and camping abound; combined with that we have more days of sunshine than any other large city in Canada, the choice was clear.

Live Life Well Chiropractic opened in 1997 to serve our SW Calgary and Marda Loop area with natural healthcare.

What We Do Is Based on One Simple Idea

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you’ll want to know what we’re all about. Everything we’ll do is based on the belief that your body is capable of healing itself. Our objective is to restore your body’s natural healing ability, allowing your health to be restored from the inside out.

Put simply, we make specific adjustments to your spine and then let your body take over from there.

Walking Down the Road of Life With You

Our goal is best summed up in this quote from Dr. Colin:

I don’t just want to be a problem solver. I want to be a life changer.”

People come to see us because they want to have a better life. We take the time to teach each individual about how their body works, what we do to improve that and what they can do on their own to help. Often, we hear from our patients, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this years ago?”

What Are You Capable Of?

Our patients include people who have tried other avenues without success. They might be kept from playing hockey, enjoying time with their kids or grandkids and want to reclaim their life.

One of our favorite cases involved a woman who began care at the age of 83. She had started chiropractic at age 30, decades before she came into our office. At the age of 94, her X-rays and test results were better than most people in their 40s. She and so many other people have the opportunity to live a long, healthy, disease-free and drug-free life. We would love to help you get there!

Online New Patient Bookings

When new patients schedule their first appointment online, they receive a 33% discount. Book yours today!

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