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If you’re thinking about becoming a patient at Live Life Well Chiropractic, there’s probably quite a few things you’d like to know more about. Below, we have gathered some of the questions we’re asked most frequently. Get the answers you need from us!

How does chiropractic work?

Back in 1895, Daniel David Palmer discovered that the body’s self-healing ability could be enhanced by influencing the spine. In the years since, science has validated this idea: that the messages sent from the brain through the spinal cord, nerves and to the body were essential for healing and proper function to occur.

If the bones of the spine are misaligned, it can result in dysfunction, disease and pain. An adjustment is designed to correct misalignments and restore the function of your nervous system. You will then have the ability to feel better, move better and heal better.

What does it feel like to get adjusted?

Dr. Colin’s primary technique is to use his hands. He also utilizes light-force methods to suit your preferences and needs. We’ll tailor our care to match what will get you the best results. A baby or child will be adjusted with a much lighter touch than an adult would be. We’ll get to know you and choose the technique that’s best for your situation.

During the adjustment, you might hear a clicking sound. That noise is gas as it releases from the joint and is no cause for concern.

Does an adjustment hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt to be adjusted. After your adjustment, there is a small chance that you may feel some tightness in your muscles. This reaction, though rare, diminishes after the first few adjustments. You can apply a cold pack to the area to relieve any discomfort.

I don’t have back pain. Why should I see a chiropractor?

It’s a common misconception that chiropractic is only about pain. Since we focus on restoring your nervous system function, even healthier people can get great results from chiropractic. If you’ve tried other solutions without results or don’t want to rely on medications, our corrective care might be perfect for you.

Why would a baby or a child need chiropractic care?

As early as birth, spinal misalignments can occur. In fact, 80% of babies delivered during a routine delivery have a spinal misalignment. If there are forceps or C-section involved, there is a greater likelihood of misalignments.

If your baby has a spinal misalignment, they might be colicky, have trouble breastfeeding or spit up frequently. They may get sick more often. As a child grows, they take many falls. Accumulated misalignments can lead to spinal degeneration, which can result in growing pains, headaches, digestive problems and asthma.

Can I get chiropractic adjustments while I’m pregnant?

Yes. Pregnancy leads to changes in your physical state and hormones that can mean discomfort and limited mobility for you. Adjustments may help keep you more active and comfortable. Dr. Colin has experience in providing prenatal care and can modify his technique to be appropriate for you through all trimesters.

There’s a powerful connection between chiropractic and labor, too. Studies show that women under care have shorter labours and easier deliveries with fewer interventions needed. The nerves in the low back send messages that are in charge of contractions. Misalignments in this area can choke those nerves, leading to weak pushing during delivery. Adjustments can keep these joints moving and give you a better birthing experience.

I can’t leave the house. Can you still help me?

Yes! Dr. Colin does home visits for new moms who aren’t quite ready to leave the house yet. He also visits area nursing homes to see patients there. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

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